Saturday, January 5, 2008

She's Back!

So today was the day that I decided to come back after my Christmas vacation! I feel extremely refreshed, and relaxed, and I feel inspired, which is obviously everything anyone could want from a vacation. I cleaned, I sat, I watched movies, I watched a bunch of seasons of America's Next Top Model, and in general did absolutely nothing productive. Luckily for you guys, that gets stops being refreshing after a while and starts getting boring!

I'm starting right away with a fire under my butt making plans for the Mardi Gras bash I'm going to throw, and I really want to make a special mask for the invitation picture. I'm wondering if you guys would prefer to celebrate "fat tuesday" on a weekend? I know my parties can go literally all night, so if you want consideration speak up, before I have the date set. Personally I'm leaning towards a small get together on the day itself, and then a big ol' party on that Saturday.

I hope you guys all had a very merry ambiguous December holiday, and a happy new years! I hope 2008 is seriously awesome for you, and even better than 2007 was.


Miriel Enfield said...

Yay! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Siyu! I know how it can be when you're sitting around seemingly doing nothing productive.

Doing Fat Tuesday on the weekend sounds like a much better idea than on Tuesday when folks (like moi) may have RL work the next day. ;-)