Monday, January 21, 2008

Out With the Old...

...and in with the new!

You guys definitely gave the retiring designs quite a grand send off, and to that I am extremely grateful. I have a wonderful collection of notecards that you guys have all sent me, and I've read them over. There were many masks that I had no idea people wanted to see again, and so my rather small list of masks I wanted to make again has pretty much tripled in length!

It was a delight to see some of my favorite designs on the list, especially when more than one person (and sometimes several people) wanted to see them again. Some of them definitely came up more often than others, however! I've decided I'll try to release these new masks over the next week (the simpler ones at least) in order of the most enthusiastically clamored for!

But before that:

For me, getting rid of those old masks is so utterly refreshing. It cuts away some of the dead weight of my work and allows me to revisit them in beautiful sculpted detail. Things that were shown an idealistic unskilled builder's hand a year ago, can be shown finally in the complete vision I originally had. A few of the masks that I was inspired to rebuild, literally the day I deleted the vendor at first, I have released tonight in celebration! Just for kicks, I'll let you guys see a side by side comparison:


There's really no comparison, is there?


Aaaaand a little bit of pixie dust... POOF! After:


I admit I never actually really minded the Cygnus in its original form. I made it when I had finally learned a thing or two about building, and I was playing with textures that I'd gotten from TRU. Yet I never was able to quite give it the extra polish I craved, and so with sculpts I finally have the mask I always dreamed of.

If you're wondering whatever happened to those gloriously outlandish head feathers, I've actually made them as a separate, free(!) add on. All you need to do is touch the button next to the demo and they're yours! That way, you can be demure and delicate, or you can spread your wings and knock people over with your fabulousness.

The last mask I released tonight doesn't actually have a "before" picture. I made it ages ago, and so to me it's still a retired design, however it never made it to the vendor. At the time I thought it was too similar to the Valkyrie and it just never was a priority. Now of course, I've been able to give it that twist of subtle difference that I wasn't able to before, and so now it's more than worthy of showing it's beautiful visage. Originally the "Enigma Noir", now simply:

(I've been wearing it around a lot :)~

Demos for all of these masks are available, and it's something I'm trying to do for each new release. I'll be setting time aside soon (I hope) to put out demos for the rest of the masks that are older. The idea of a demo mask being available for all my masks is now finally within my reach!

Coming Up Next: The mask almost unanimously voted for


Sai Pennell said...

Wow, its really amazing to see the changes these masks have gone through side by side ^^

I've never really thought to compare new vs. old, but the sculpties definitely make a HUGE difference.

*Impatiently waits for the next remade mask*

Anonymous said...

*jaw drops*