Thursday, January 24, 2008

Harlequin of the Abyss

It's been a little while since I did a Flickr post to share some of my recent photography with you guys. I found myself looking at my christmas desktop and thinking... it's definitely time to change that. I just finished retouching some very fun photos and I felt I'd share :)

Mostly what started this photo shoot was this absolutely divinely absurd hairstyle. Honestly who couldn't love it? I feel like a DC Comics supervillain!
These were taken at The Abyss sim, which is beautifully made and even more stunningly apocalyptic using the Windlight viewer. The sky is so much more rich, and the lighting effects just perfect. You're welcome to take either of these as your desktop if you wish, they should fit any 1400X900 monitor :)

This bottom one is my absolute favorite. Best seen nice and big, so go ahead and click through to that picture and just enjoy it. I used minimal retouching in photoshop, just some dodging and burning to get some nice contrast and focus where I wanted it.

I'll return to your regularly scheduled releases soon, no worries. But a gal needs a break sometimes!

Skin: Pedrolina, one of Nomine's Pierrot skins
Gloves, Mask, Belt: Harlequin Set and Valkyrie Mask (edited), all by yours truly.
Jacket: Mina Jacket by Indyra Originals
Undershirt: Dynamic League in Silver White by Nicky Ree
Shirt: Black Catsuit top by Nicky Ree
Pants: Wendy Wild by Artlleri
Hair: Wicked (edited with custom texture) by something Curio Obscura (search Pandora Wrigglesworth)


Anonymous said...

You look like Jinx from the animated Teen Titans cartoon! XD

Miriel Enfield said...

Those are gorgeous!