Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Freebies!

It was brought to my attention today that since the retirement sale, I have no freebie masks left! I still have my Victims of Perfectionism, but it turns out they're all hats and veils and such.

So it's about time that I made a mask especially for a freebie! I needed something plain yet unique, generic yet not that generic... and I needed a mask that would still have people want to buy a new one >.> (come on, I am a business woman).

So I made Obscurita! Which means "Darkness" in Italian, or "hidden". I've boxed it up on the freebie table, and it comes in black, white, male and female versions and with an informative notecard. I'm wearing the female version here (obviously :)~

I'm also wearing the absolutely fabulous Clockwork Edwardian gown by Curio Obscura. I have been oh so delighted to be wearing her stuff around (the Wicked hair in the last two posts), and her craftsmanship is utterly superb. It's lovely to pimp her stuff out any chance I get, as she's just starting out in SL business, but as a professional 3d modeler for a game company she's got a head start on quality. Plus, I just adore her sense of style.

You can pick up the Obscurita freebie masks at Carnivale on the freebie table!

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Sai Pennell said...

Uwaaa~ even your freebies are absolutely stunning!