Sunday, December 23, 2007

A little while back I was "tagged" in a meme by a few friends and a few fans (hi Guenevere!) which was deadly contagious, and cast a plague across the Fashion Planet feed. Everyone was doing it, and tagging other people to do it, and it was fun to be remembered and mentioned for it, but I declined, as it was to post "8 random facts about you". Normally I like to keep this blog solely for my actions in Second Life and the things that I create, because I have some delusions (illusions?) of professionalism. Then I realized I was taking it waaaaay too seriously, and then got talked into sharing some of the more fun, interesting facts of my RL :)~

So here goes, the much tagged Plague Meme of Nov. '07, 'cause I can:

1. I was voted "Most Unique" at my highschool, and wore nothing but black every single day from 5th Grade to 12th. I've had black and purple in my wardrobe ever since I was four and a half years old.

2. I absolutely adore beautiful, artistic tattoos and I see them as a way of celebrating your body and decorating it. However, I don't think I could ever get one, not because I'm afraid of needles or pain but because I don't think I could ever live with one design all my life without getting sick of it. So doing henna on myself and my friends is a great alternative!

3. I've been in a relationship with my fiance for almost a third of my life, we're getting married as soon as we have enough money for an appropriately gaudy ceremony.

4. My avatar and I are both very pale. In real life, I absolutely adore my incredibly fair, alabaster skin. In the summer I have to go out with an umbrella or a very wide brimmed hat, and I completely cover my body with a coat or shawl and long sleeves to avoid burning. Also like my avatar I'm tall, but not so tall as to be able to say I'm really tall. I'm a giant among midgets but a midget among models.

5. I have never once worn shorts higher than midcalf out in public since I reached puberty.

6. I've never smoked, gotten drunk, done drugs of any sort, broken any bones, had any stitches, stayed in a hospital or had a prescription medication for more than a month. I still plan on getting drunk one of these days, but I take very meticulous care of my body (even though I should work out more, such is the curse of SL!)

7. I have many extremely geeky Fandoms. To name some of my most extreme ones, I adore Firefly, Peter Jackson's LotR, Pirates of the Carribean, Heroes, and my guiltiest pleasure is America's Next Top Model. I do watch a lot of TV and movies, since my fiance likes constant background noise and I've gotten used to it too as I work. I consider myself extremely culturally geeky, I can recite Holy Grail really well and have you rotflol.

8. I was a professional clown for a good percentage of my life, and would march in the 4th of July parade with my mother and brother and anyone else we could recruit. I was also known to do face painting and balloon animals. (My specialties were giraffes, poodles, and coiling snakes, no joke).

So THERE. Obviously I'm not tagging anyone back, and I hope this didn't give you Vietnam style flashbacks.

I'm still taking downtime, and letting my creative juices replenish. Already I've been coming on more recently and doing some casual work, as well as doing some sketches for new designs. Not sure if I'm going to do anything special for SLXmas, if I do it won't be on the day itself. Happy solstice though!

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