Thursday, January 17, 2008

Retirement Sale

I've been eloquently convinced to have a change of heart. I'm sorry that I did something like that out of the blue, I was having an impulsive moment of "argh it's all f'ing CRAP!" and forgot that some people might still enjoy having a last chance to grab a few things that might not be as bad as I think they are. So I've put the vendor back up, with everything either 10L or 50L, and after the 20th they'll be gone completely. This also includes the retired designs freebie (not the Victims box).

I've put out a notecard mailbox, and I'd like for you guys to all pitch in with which designs you'll want to see resurrected! I'm compiling a list, and after asking Masqueraderie and you kindly commenters on the blog there are already some designs on it that I wasn't planning on making again. So don't be shy and miss out on seeing your favorite reborn!

I wasn't lying however that deleting the vendor would be a good thing for me, I've already completed the remade versions of seven masks already. But it wasn't a good thing for you and for that I'm sorry again. So don't miss your chance :)


Anonymous said...

Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Good for you, for doing something you need to do for yourself, and much gratefulness for giving us slackers another chance. I really look forward to finding my favorites.

Anonymous said...

*continues squealing in glee*

Anonymous said...

V. sweet of you, thx.

The freebies box doesn't open. :(

Nef said...

Moira, thanks for letting me know, that's been fixed now :)

Eidolon, I'm so sorry again to have put you through that, I'm really glad you've gotten your chance now :)