Friday, February 1, 2008

Zanni and Owl Mask

I've been working my tushy off trying to get masks out for men and people with... you know, noses... and maybe I got a little carried away?

All kidding aside, masks with large and distinctive noses are a time honored tradition in Venetian mask making. Zanni is a commedia del'arte character who was known for his black face, very large nose and old looking features. "Zanni" is thought to be derived from a nickname for "Giovanni", and is actually where the word "zany" got its origins. He was a servant, an "every man" who had a tendency to give in to his baser urges and endlessly pursue either sex or food for comedic effect. In this case, my interpretation is hardly loyal to the character, but I felt the nose and the name fit. Supposedly the longer the nose of the Zanni was, the stupider the character. Seriously though, if you can manage to wear these and not feel stupid, you are truly secure in your own self character. If you can feel regal and imposing, then you must be the ruler of a small country (real or imaginary). These masks, unlike their original black progenitor, come in the same variety of eleven colors that the civetta and columbina come in, perfect for Mardi Gras!

If you don't feel comfortable with an enormous schnoz like that, or feel a little too stupid wearing them, then the fruits of my labors regarding male masks should suffice your appetite for elegance.
The owl mask has returned in sculpted glory! Now it's available in a darker version, but I think you can see that it's far more fitting for its name now. I was able to add the subtlety of owlish features into this loverly patterned mask, with luscious feathers. Definitely a grand improvement I feel, and it was the second most requested mask from the retirees. (tied with a few others I'll try to get out soon).

I'm sorry about abandoning you folks for a few days after Obscurita, my apartment needed some cleaning done and I kept doing really boring things when I did come on (like answering IM's or sorting my inventory). I'll try to be more productive :)~

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