Monday, September 17, 2007

I've acquired a strange obsession with sculpted ears. Only good things will come of it, and you have every reason to be excited! However it doesn't change that it is a bit odd for me to be working so hard on something thoroughly non-Halloween related when I should be getting ready for my store's equivalent of Christmas.

That being said, these are some really awesome ears. I did a first draft, and passed them around to friends, as well as doing a gorgeous photoshoot on Flickr with them, but there was a glitch in the mesh underneath the hair where the ear met skin that I just couldn't live with. So they went back into the workshop that is Zbrush, got re-tooled, and came out greatly improved. I took some tips from Selos Dae on the texture and tried to add a bit more depth to the shading on the new ones, and matched the tones by eye to popular skin tones ^_^ These... I am happy with!!


Yeah. Yeah I know. I'll put em out when I'm finished with skin tones XD And they'll have some friends. I realized folks who make elfin/fairy/drow ears don't get serious with variety, and just put out their interpretations. Well, you're looking at the smallest size (Pixie) in this picture, but there are Elfin ears and the absolutely enormous Drow ears. I'll be working on jewelry for them too :D Can you tell I'm really excited?

So why aren't I working on cobwebs, spider themed things and pumpkins? I just don't know, but at least you're obsessed with ears now too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Neff,
Love the ears- though they look a little low? Maybe cause she's bald? hmm.
Anyway, wanted to tell you if you hadn't heard already, but Robert Jordan died on Sunday. :(

Nef said...

Yeah they are a bit low, I had to position them to hide the ears that the avatar has by default.. and when you shrink em down to the minimum size they do go "down" a bit O.o

I heard :( I just posted an LJ entry about it, since I was wanting to do one about him. No sarcasm when I say thank you :)