Monday, September 24, 2007

Three 20L Goodies

Last night I set out that eye patch I gave to group members, and a plain satin blindfold that someone asked about in fashion emergency. I also repackaged Smokey and put it in the pretty vendors with options! All three of them are just 20L each, so they won't exactly put too much of a dent in your pocket.

I love the look of this, it looks so mysterious and it's just so simple! The sculpt is a "cloth wrap" that I did a while back, but it ended up fitting to the face really, really well. I also was playing with turning up the transparency, and you get the same effect with the mask that Kirsten Dunst was wearing in Marie Antoinette. I really like throwing it on at the last minute when I don't want to think about picking out my mask for the day.

Arrr, ye be a right scurvy seadog with that thar patch. Or, just your general rogue... I know technically eyepatches don't really follow that line or go down across the cheek, but let's just face it... it looks totally badass that way.

Here's Smokey again :) My all time top best seller, I cleaned up the rotations a teeny big and fit it to the forehead a bit tighter, but it's still the same product, same price, prettier package ^.^

These are just teasers to tie you over, I'm really excited about some delicious secret projects, but I don't have pictures, so they'll have to stay secret until I do XD

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