Thursday, September 6, 2007

I took a much needed break from tinkering with jewelry today, and finished a very old commission, finally. As always, it never takes long once I finally get going on it. I'm also glad to know that a couple of you took my suggestion from my blog *wink wink* to bug me, and it really, really helps. I feel like I've got a slightly longer string for my very wildly blown kite of impulse. However, with that one commission completed, a random project started, and then another big project randomly mulled over, it's kind of obvious I'm still being tugged.

I'm being a little vague right now on my projects because I'm always worried that if I mention I'm going to do something, I'm probably not going to do it. Well not do it instantly, anyway. Yet I think it's pretty safe to share this one: In the spirit of the Harlequin set, I'm going to release a Witch's set for Halloween! I'm going to do my best to have unisex/male options, but it will, like most of my things, be bent in the feminine direction. There will be hats <3 style="font-style: italic;">is, after all, Candy. But we'll see won't we? Because I might just go and set out my first shapes for sale!

Speaking of adorable little pixies, I found myself lacking suitable ears. I bought a few, but I hated having to tint them, and something I'd tried way back when, the first thing that made me realize I needed to learn how to mirror prims (again, thank you Ziggy and Kala) was a little pair of elfin ears. I went back and made them completely again, because I've learned a lot about vertex tweaking since then, and did a beautiful texture on them and... oh they're perfect. They... are... perfect for my little pixie head. I somehow managed to match most basic skin colors (like pale, cream, bronzed and chocolate), and after lots of testing on five different skin designer's skin tones I'm pretty darned pleased with how they held up. I'll have to include a tintable gray and a white ear though, because I'll be a mongoose before I try doing every color under the unnatural sun of SL, lol.

So off that topic, I've been shmoozing some more lately. The delicious and delightful and ever so sweetly badass Queenie Extraordinaire blogged me again, and I've been spoiling her and tormenting her with my unreleased jewelry. She says it's torture because she keeps wanting to wear it with outfits she's blogging, but she can't, muaahahahaha. (I might just release them a day or two before the expo, just to save on lag for my loyal and devoted fans).

I also was talking to Kala Bijoux of Material Squirrel, I passed her a pair of simple sculpted wings and she was going to see if she could do a nifty texture on them! I also made a pact with Helyanwe Vindaloo (of Deviant Kitties, naturally) to be her sculpty bitch in exchange for hair for me to play with... That's a secret project though :) Being her sculpty bitch entails making cute little shapes for her so she doesn't have to bust her butt doin' em herself XD But yeah, Hely is putting together some really adorable things and my sculpts are gonna be a part of 'em :)

I'm just going to repeat my heads up:

I will be gone for the weekend from the 7th to the 10th, but there will be a happy surprise when I come back ^_^

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