Monday, September 10, 2007

Midnight Masquerade

I would like to officially announce my next fabulous party ;) Yes, this is the little surprise I mentioned earlier!

You are cordially invited to a gothic Midnight Masquerade. The theme will be black and white formal with a dark twist for Halloween. As per usual, there will be the most fabulous people you've ever met there, along with unique and fun music and (hopefully) not much lag. The scavenger hunt was a little crazy last time, so I'll be doing it slightly differently ^_^ I'll be making a theme appropriate set of accessories for men and women and putting one piece in each hiding spot that you can purchase for 0L ^_^

Yes the invite does say that attendance will be limited o.o After the Midsummer Masquerade and people unfortunately not being able to get in, I've decided to create a group called "Illusions Midnight Masquerade 2007". Attendance will be closed at 50, and an entry fee to the group is set at 150L. The fees will all be added up into a big raffle ball, so if you buy an invite, you're already entered in the raffle to get your entry money back ^_^ Cool huh? This way everyone gets to have a bit of fun, I know who's serious about coming, and no one thinks that Siyu is a greedy geezer. Depending on "guest retention" (lol XD), I'll announce to Masqueraderie when a few people leave and I can remove the "group only" access to the Event Hall. So if you do want to come, and can't afford the group fee, you can join Masqueraderie for free and keep your eyes open.

As is tradition, I will be making two unique masks that will be unveiled as the prizes for the best male and female costume. Last time the costumes were just drop dead gorgeous, and just blow me out of the world amazing... yet somehow I have the feeling you guys are going to make me faint with fabulousness this time. As far as the costumes go... I'm going to put a loose prim limit on you guys that I ask you to kindly respect: I'd like you to keep your costumes to 175-250 prims, and to keep things like listening scripts and very scripty, laggy HUDs at home. AO's are fine, but no bling or color changers etc. Hopefully if we all pitch in, we can all have a relatively lag free night :)

This is of course a fun twist on the traditional Halloween party, and I did my best to try to pick a time that the most people would be able to show for. It's a little later than my usual 7-10, but I think it should work out alright for the European folks ^_^ (it's also on a Friday, so you can party hardy and then sleep in... oh luxury!)

Sound like fun? Oh hell yeah it does XD

Friday, October 26th, 10PM-2AM SLT
Illusions Event Hall, Carnivale
Black and White Formal Dress Required

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Anonymous said...

Ahah, no wonder you wanted feathers! I'll be sure to join up as soon as I log in. :D