Friday, September 14, 2007

Sweetheart Cloche

Call it mandatory. A little thing I threw together very quickly, and made the mistake of passing to my dear friend and employee Candy Flanagan, is this sweet, adorable and incredibly classy, casual cloche.

Now, I know Candy loves my items, but normally she can show restraint. As a new writer at Appearance Mode, she just couldn't resist adding this little number to her blog post, and so she has forced this hat upon you, my adoring public. I was going to wait to release it, but I realize I probably wouldn't have (at least not for a while) if she hadn't pushed me to. It's only available in black and white, because the white felt works incredibly well with tinting, as does the sweet ribbon. The bow is sculpted, as is the cloche, and everything actually except for the flexi bits. I was hesitant to release this, because I couldn't quite find a way to make it fit to every hair. I realized in the end that this wasn't going to work out, that short styles vs long styles fit the head extremely differently, and the cloche by nature has to sit close to the skull. In this picture I'm wearing ETD's Maaliyah (modified), because it is just too darn cute. I've also made a demo available for this hat, something I might try for a little on a few new releases, just to see how it goes. I'd like some feedback on it, because it would be a lot of work, but people do seem to love demos. However, I'd like an idea of what people would like demos of most.

EDIT: All mentions of Candy in any sort of negative way are completely a joke XD I love her to pieces. But you can thank her for my releasing it at this point, is all :)

So anyhoo, this sweet little hat is truly a classic, and something I felt SL was lacking. One of my favorite hats in RL is a black fuzzy cloche, and so I have a special affection for 'em :) And now you can too ^_^

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