Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Phew... Today I re-did another harlequin item I've been working on, that should be coming out soon (zomg another hat yay!) But most of all, it's been all jewelry all day. So far, there are ten designs coming out, five with stones that will only be available in silver (three shades), and five sets without stones that'll be available in 5 metals. Why all the fives and tens... I'm not actually too sure, just came out that way. Let me just say... compared to this stuff, my old stuff was horrible worthless patootie that I shouldn't have charged anyone even one linden for. I'm glad I tore 'em off the walls because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to stand anyone buying them XD I probably would have shoved their money back at them and told them to delete the damn things. The new stuff is beautiful :)

Just a heads up, I'll be away on Wednesday, and then again for the whole weekend. I'll be back on Monday though, no fear!

I've officially teamed up with Ina Centaur to help her do historically accurate props for an in-world production of Hamlet. I'm free to resell 'em after I make 'em, so be expecting some Elizabethan goodness just in time for Elizabeth: The Golden Age! Yeah so what, I'm a sucker for gorgeous costume design, honestly who in this business isn't?

I haven't had much motivation/inspiration to work on customs (sorry guys =/) they're on my head though! Bugging me about them helps put the muses in my head, so if you're reading this and you have a long lost, mysterious custom you haven't heard anything from me about, leave a comment here or send me an IM, it might get me in the mood, who knows!

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Rowan Fairgrove said...

Oooh, Elizabethan goodness! As a resident of Renaissance Island that is excellent news! Rosmairta Kilara