Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An Inconvenient Truth

Oh god I can't believe it!

The Linden Sea rose twenty meters in the past couple of days, some sort of heat wave melted almost all of the glaciers on Cloudmont! The Snowland region is now the Mudland region! Mainland Warming is really happening, I didn't believe it for myself but...

Now it's too late!!

My sim is completely flooded, this is not just a spring melt, it's a whole flood. And I don't even have insurance out on it. The raise in the sea level brought with it a whole menagerie of animals to add to the damage, I don't have any idea where to start cleaning up.

I can't believe it... that crazy old notecard really might have been on to something.

The flipsing swish ones fly from below
to rise on the harlequin day
to answer the calls of those who came before
they will have their day in the halls of stone

The flipsing swish ones must be the new denizens of my store.

And the "harlequin day" must be a reference to today, April Fool's day. I bet the penguins from last year would love this place now, but they must be so sad that their arctic home is now a mudpit. It looks like they'll "have their day in the halls of stone" until the water level lowers or I can start draining the place. At least the good news is Gerald the local giant sea turtle is giving free rides at his leisure.

Aschen Memory gets an informal tour of the store

Does anyone know the phone number of FEMA?


Anonymous said...

Oooooooooh, I have sooooo got to log onto second life tonight to see this! Do you think if everyone started pumping water and filling sandbags that it would help?


Kalel Mommsen said...

my new scuba gear shall come in handy...

-Kalel Mommsen

Meissa Thorne said...

*giggles* That came out great. I love the ride poses on the turtle too. It's good I got to be part of at least one prank today. :D

jen shikami said...

Agreed, everything looks great. :D :D :D

Nef said...

Thanks you guys, I really could not have done it without your help ♥