Thursday, April 2, 2009

Disaster Relief

I was able to get in touch with SLEMA (Second Life Emergency Management Agency), and although it took all day, we managed to restore the original sea level and evict the sea born "shoppers" from the store. Now, I need to clean up the kelp and seaweed from the floors and wring out the drapes and sweep up the drift wood. But I have to say I was starting to get really attached to our piscean visitors. But being around them for so long... I feel changed some how. Like I'll never be the same, even though things have gone back to normal. I wonder why that is?....

Ah well, I guess we'll never know.

(the fins are texture change on touch, and available through the Masqueraderie group notices :)


Sybs said...

I don't just love Illusions because of the product, I love it because of its creator. You are so fun!

Nef said...

Thanks Sybella ♥♥

Romany said...

Oh, oh I'm dying from laughter. It just tickles me pink that your world has flooded! Happy April Fools day INDEED. While I am sorry that it may have caused you inconvience and seaweed does start to smell if left out of water for awhile, but HA! AHAHAA. That's awsome and amazing! Especially since you went all Trelawney and accurately prophesied that it would happen! FISHES! FISHES IN YOUR STORE!! HAHAAA.