Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For the past week and a half or so, I've been suffering from random and intermittent internet outages that effectively remove me from being in-world. I'm never sure when the internet is going to cut out, or for how long. The times that I've tried logging in, all I've ended up being able to do is lose IM's from people. More technicians are coming by tomorrow, they've already been around to restore our dial tone and to poke it with sticks, but we keep needing to call. You know that the internet has truly become an addiction and a habit when you lose connection and think "what's the phone number for my ISP? I should google it"

So now I'm on a sort of forced hiatus, and I'm spending it tidying my apartment, playing Sid Meir's Pirates, and watching Pushing Daisies on DVD. As much as I enjoy having a vacation, I don't enjoy the timing, as I was working on something really fabulous that I'm very excited about. Hopefully I'll be able to get back in action, but until then I guess I'll continue being the dashing scourge of the Spanish Main :p


Ghanima Uriza said...

we miss you Siyu ^^

was there ever a second season to pushing daisies? because on this side of the world I only got to put my hands on the first one

Restless Writer said...

what you got quest too?