Monday, March 30, 2009

Breach the Peace

On January 15th, 1797, a man named John Hetherington was arrested and brought before the court in London for disturbing the peace. He had constructed and designed something of devious intention, something that caused women to faint, dogs to yelp and a man to be trampled by an awe-struck mob.

This malevolent creation, which was "calculated to frighten timid people" was actually quite benign. And stylish!

This haberdasher had designed the first top hat. Why it caused such a ruckus? I can't imagine, I just blame the lack of TV and very tight corsetry. But, when he wore it out in public, it got him arrested! I have to wonder what they would think of drag queens. Thankfully we live in more jaded times, where the only crowd you're likely to draw wearing this will be folks wondering where you got it.

Although the first top hats were silk and lustrous, I have to say I love the warmth and character of a wool felt hat. It has a certain richness and the possibility for many colors, which is what I've happily obliged with. It has the same variety of hat bands and felt colors as the bowler, and flexibility to be quite modern or traditional depending on your outfit needs of the day.

These are all quite simple because I felt I wanted a variety of shapes, and then move on to more complex and creative millinery using these as a base. This one especially I'd love to make into an English riding hat, with a nice scarf or a veil. Speaking of having fun with the designs, I decided to do a really fun, more modern one...

Named after Lewis Carrol, I almost called this the Mad Hatter but I definitely have bigger and wilder plans for that hat. Besides, it wouldn't be for the Mad Hatter if he didn't have his price tag left on :)~

I have grand plans for these hats, now I just hope I get around to manifesting them!

These lovely scripted hats are now available at the store for 150L each!

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someone somewhere said...

Holy moley. Those are some of the most delicious hats I've seen. Bravo!!