Sunday, April 26, 2009

Khimar Wrap

I'm back! My connection is stable once more, and so I was able to finally log in and finish what I had started. I'm very excited to share this, it was a headache inducing experience but very well worth it.

Draping cloth is something that takes only a moment to create out in the real world, but is a challenge to artists who try to render it in any medium. I love covering myself in as much draping, flowing cloth as the temperature allows and I've always wanted my avatar to reflect that more.

"Khimar" means roughly a head scarf or veil in Arabic, and although it's more modernly associated with full body wraps and longer garments I felt I might still be able to get away with calling it this*. I went for a very middle eastern look for it, but that's entirely optional, as the head band/wrap or "agal" is a separate piece from the hood and can be worn with or without it. The mask is separate too, in case you just want a hood with the cowl. In fact, all the pieces can be worn alone or in any combination that you like!

*Anyone who might be better in the know is welcome to correct me, as I'm just a Westerner with access Google and Wikipedia :)~)

Every piece changes independantly, so if you want to experiment with having a black hood and a blue mask, or a black agal with a red hood, go for it! Create any random color scheme you like, but only on the purchased version; the demo combines the three head pieces so that you're not covered in little hovering demo boxes.

The hood is pretty incompatible with hair, but a lot of hair stores (such as ETD) sell just bangs as an add-on to their hair styles, and I think that would work well with this if you simply MUST have a few lingering locks. Speaking of, this is perfect for expositions or sales or fashion shows where you need to keep an eye on your prim limit, but still want to look fashionable. All in all, wearing all the pieces, it only adds up to eight prims! Aaaah the miracle of sculpts!

Here's where it was a pain in the ass though... for eight prims I needed to do seven unique textures, and do those seven unique textures in twelve different unique colors. Whereas normally I can be a bit of a cheapskate and use as few as two or three unique textures on an item, or creatively re-use textures on similar prims (like recently my hat bands) I ended up doing over a hundred uploads for this item's textures alone! And that's not counting troubleshooting sculpts! It was a devil getting all of the textures and colors to look right together, from 2d into 3d. But the good part of this is that everything looks deliciously silky. Looking at the results, I definitely feel like it was all worth it.

I also think I know what you're thinking... CLOAKS! The thought (obviously) occurred to me too, and I'm planning on it. I should even be able to re-use pieces of this wrap, but there's certainly going to be enough original material on any cloaks I make to make it worthwhile to buy both.

The wrap is currently available at the main store for 450L, and with this release, I've lowered the price of the old Assassin's Guise to only 175L as a sort of budget version. :)


Anonymous said...

It looks Faaaaaaabulous daaaarling. I look forward to going to the casbah and modeling its silkiness while I shop. Congratulations on another wonderful addition to your clothing collection.


Romany said...

I heart you, I heart your new Arab line of thinking, I heart your new island design (or what I've seen of it, maybe I should make a SL appearance?) but mostly I heart you.

Serioualy, LOVE the Arab stuff. Love love love it. Please tell me there will be lots of rugs, draperies, pillows, and colorful awnings in your new shop design.
Yaaay new shop design!
Yaaaay Siyu!