Saturday, February 2, 2008

Beware the Woodsie Lord(s)

As anyone who's played the Thief games will recognize, this post is about greensies. Green things.

Besware the woodsie lord, for he be brewer of bloodroot, and eater of manfools! Or maybe he was a good luck charm to honor the dryads and other spirits unseated by the making of British churches? Or perhaps he was an effort on the part of the Christian church to convert pagans, by making him into a Jack o' the Greens, and carving likenesses of him into their edifices?

Well, whatever, he's a mask now! *brushes off hands*
As you can imagine, I'm very, very pleased (pleased as punch but punch has no feelings). I used a technique I recently discovered in Zbrush in order to especially wrap the leaf texture to my exceedingly warped sculpts, and it was so beautifully successful (after maybe ten to fifteen tries of course). The effect is, I think you'll find, startling. I certainly was startled! I keep looking at it and going "WHOA! LEAVES!". Since I modeled the leaves after English oak leaves, I'm not leaving out the possibility of more woodsie greensie masks taking on different trees or foliage. These are the Oak Green Masks. Or sienna masks as this variation goes:

I've made three greensie masks (building up to a crescendo here), all available in colors that correspond to the four seasons. Obviously this one is autumn, and the female one above is shown in spring. This is more late fall, but there's still some fire in the leaves. For spring, the foliage is delicate, new, bright and green, as opposed to the luscious full bloom of summer:

This is the Oak Lord, a glorious, resplendent male mask that is almost impossible to find hair for. I wore a convenient style by Armidi called Law, which has no bangs at all and so was very handy. This is my vision of a true green man mask, and while it was tempting to make it a full face with a big leafy beard, I preferred adding a bit of sex appeal by making the mouth and chin visible. This is the summer coloring, which is darker and more verdant than spring. I wanted something regal, primal, natural and almost chaotic, and so I'm very happy with this.

I also made a winter coloring, and instead of posting a boring old color board, I'm going to share it in a pretty picture instead:

Pretty winter dryad! I know technically winter never would have silver leaves (it'd look a lot more like that autumn one wouldn't it?) but I couldn't resist throwing in my old standby of black and white. What fun is making a mask that monochromatic folks like myself can't wear? The word winter is less of a description than an excuse in this case, haha!

That outfit is from Bare Rose by the way, and called "Snow Mummy". Very cool prim pieces.

Am I overloading you with awesomeness yet? I'm not done with my relentless releases. I don't know what will be next, but it might be a few old favorites. Don't forget that MARDI GRAS is frickin' THIS TUESDAY! So I hope you have a place to be and dress up! I'll be releasing a holiday freebie to my group Masqueraderie so if you sign up you'll have something to wear to all those flesh flashing parties!

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