Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mnr... I'm sorry, but I seem to have gotten some sort of nasty bug and I've gotten rather sick in real life over the past few days. It hasn't really effected my will to create, but it has effected my will to take pictures, perfect said creations and in general get them out to you guys. I do have some things you guys can look forward to.

Lately I've been on a pointy noses bint, as I was falling asleep the other night I drew a whole bunch of masks and I've been working on making them come to life in SL. So far looking very cool, but I have to figure out how many colors I want to do them in, what sort of textures etc, and yeah, like I said, unmotivated.

I've also done some hair recently inspired by Pandora Wrigglesworth, in the fun, crazy, cartoon stylized vein. I've done a big french twist inspired by the Fairy Godmother's do in Shrek 2, but still need a name and an idea of what colors to have it in. Come to think of it, let me know what colors you'd like crazy hair like that in. I'll probably be doing it, and others like it, in hair packs of crazies and naturals and possibly tipped ones.

Now I'm going to go crawl back into bed and de-evolve into a snoring, grumpy tossing beast. G'night!


Terry Toland said...

Ooo, green, white, and white with black tip colors, please! :D

Frau A. S. Lowey said...

Hmmm... well, purples almost go without saying for this, but on the edge of the naturals would be the "Bride of Frankenstein" pattern, sort of the "Lady Frankenstein" look. Ooh, and a purple/white temples variation!

and the thoroughly boring request of chestnut/ash brown in the French twist would be nice, as well.

Katey B, said...

Oh oh, I wanna see some pastel type colors like powder blue, pink, maybe even a green.

Also, get better!