Monday, February 11, 2008

Mardi Gras King and Queen

I could have danced all night! Oh wait... I did. And I was so tired the next day I didn't have the energy to post pictures, or post at all!

But now I'm awake! The party was truly epic in the hyperbolical sense. It raged on for ten... whole... hours, driven on by the insatiable Avery and Norathiel, who grandiosely claimed that my parties were their life. They certainly gave no evidence to the contrary. The party was set once again in the sumptuous event hall, which was hung with purple and green banners and the floor turned solid gold. The masqueraders arrived in the highest style, many of them (the majority actually) having planned their costumes from the day the party was first announced! I, of course, as the host, had to have a costume properly show casing the female event mask. In this case, the Mardi Gras Queen mask:

Yes, I made the hair. Yes, I'm selling it soon, haha!! No, it won't have the chunk of gold in it, sorry, that was just for me. Siyu is wearing the luscious Nicky Ree gown "Kelly", modified and mixed from the purple gown and the green gown. I also made myself gold body paint (which you really can't see), and a gold necklace that matches the mask.

The Mardi Gras Queen mask was awarded in the costume contest to the beautiful Sparkle Skye, and its counterpart, the Mardi Gras King was awarded to the unique styling of Belmakor Pintens... although apparently we have his date, Scar Ayres to thank for it!

Belmakor Pintens and Scar Ayres, Belmakor having been voted the King of Mardi Gras for Illusions '08

Sparkle Skye and Dominus Skye, Sparkle having been voted Queen of Mardi Gras '08 and taking over the title from the exotic Tomoyuki Batra

It was a very, very tricky vote. The costumes were creative, delightful, colorful and wild, everything they should be! But I doubt anyone could deny that the winners certainly earned their titles (after all, you voted for them!). I sent a notecard of various party pictures that I captured to the guest list, and I've posted some of my favorites here for the world to see the lovelies that graced my humble fete.Sai Pennell and Bats Mertel enjoying an elegant waltz

Candy Flanagan breaking it down clockwork style, with other dancers in the background

Docsisle Magellan in a beautifully modified mask, with others (and me! Hi!) in the background
When I first dreamt of the Mardi Gras mask I knew I wanted sumptuous golden accents, beaded edging, and a high crest, just pure luxury in prim form. It's an absolute devil getting masks to "nest", I'll just tell you that much. The effect of having one mask over the other, and having the crisp clear lines of not doing it in texture is well worth the effort, yet oh geeze the upload fees I spent getting both of these masks' nesting masks right.

As you can see, I had similar plans for the male version, simply in a reversed color scheme and with the usual larger, sharper feature accomodation. I also went for a less feminine look around the eyes. With all of the trouble I went through getting these masks to nest properly, you can bet your favorite pair of Shiny Thing shoes that these won't be the last masks you see like this... So keep your eyes peeled! (or open, which sounds less painful.. or better yet, "on this blog", which sounds the least painful of all of them!).

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Anonymous said...

I had an absolutely great time at the party! Thank you for the picture! It will be/is my profile pic!!

Adia Clary