Friday, February 1, 2008

Ebony Masks

Goodness... what a day! I have literally done nothing but work all day, from one in the afternoon to now, nearly midnight. This one day will excuse a nice little amount of time playing Pirates of the Burning Sea tomorrow if I get burnt out.

Today I packaged up and did the versions for the remake of Ebony, a very simple mask that now has some flare due to coming in the same color variety as my wings and the Seraphim mask.

Again, I'm trying to give the men a chance to shop, haha! It's certainly much easier to feel passionate about making things for the male gender now that I have an avatar I'm not horribly embarrassed to be seen in. These masks are elegant and simple, and are very flattering with hair that would normally never cooperate with my masks. Personally, I adore hair in SL that gets completely in my face, covers one eye, cups around my cheek etc, yet I could never wear some of my favorite masks with them. This one definitely is compatible with bangs for once!

Last night I had a vision right as I was falling asleep of the female Mardi Gras Queen mask... I was so intent on not letting it slip away, I got up to run and sketch it. It's going to be gorgeous. (Have you signed up for the Mardi Gras Masque yet?)

On an unrelated note, Masqueraderie (my update group) has just broken 400 people!! Imagine! 400 people want to hear about my new stuff! Wow...

I also slaved away a bit and accomplished something beautiful, which I've never been able to quite fully render anywhere near satisfactorily until now. I'm going to release it tomorrow, but I'm going to leave you with a tease: it's a very classical mask that was requested, and is a very common mask type but not in Venice.

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