Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Illusions FAQ!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this, hopefully I will have your answer here. If not, feel free to IM me!

Do you take commissions?

I'm open to them, but at my discretion. I charge a "real world" rate of $25USD an hour, but if the item fits with my brand and I feel I can sell it in my store I'm negotiable on that. If that number is daunting, I am always open to suggestions or to new ideas for my next item.
I'm willing to do modifications, such as removing or swapping details with other masks or doing retextures. Simple color adjustments or outfit matching are offered free of charge, all you need do is ask.

I'd like to blog/publish/represent your items! What's your policy?
I go on a case by case basis, but generally for blogs I ask that you purchase my items. I'm willing to submit review copies in some cases, such as if your blog actually talks in detail about the items featured, has a professional presentation, and is enlisted on some feeds.

Could I buy your items in bulk for my event?

Absolutely!  If you're interested in different masks or a combination of them, please contact me with which and how many you will need, and I'll get back to you with a price quote.

Are you interested in renting a store at my sim/land?

No, I'm afraid not. Unless your land has a specific theme that my items perfectly fit, please don't send me any invitations. I currently only have satellite stores at locations that have given me that space for free.

I'm interested in getting into 3D modeling for SL. What do you use to model?

I use a professional modeling program called Zbrush. It's perfect for my needs, but obviously not everyone has the resources or the drive to spend that sort of money on something they only want to experiment with. There are free options such as Blender, and other programs that cost under $100. Take a look at the SL Wiki's page on 3d rendering programs for a list.
I love a mask that a character wears in ____. Could you make it for me?

No. I won't recreate any intellectual property of any other artists, and that includes costume designers and concept artists who created that item. I prefer to make my own items or be inspired by the concept. 
The item I'm interested in is shown being worn by a member of the opposite sex. Will it fit my avatar?

For almost all items, the answer is yes. There are a select few that were made and fitted for a specific gendered avatar, and they will be labeled as "male", "female", or with an "X" in the unisex box. However, all of my items are moddable, so there's nothing stopping you from giving it a try.
I'd like to model for you some time! Is there any way this could happen?

Sorry, but I rarely find any need for models. My skin addiction has me covered pretty well as far as variety goes. But, if you have the artistic bug, I'd love to see your avi wearing my things in pictures on the Illusions Flickr Stream.
Are there giftcards available for your store?

Yes! I offer the Angel Card, which can easily have value added to it and be used to purchase my items at Carnivale.
I would like to purchase some or one of your items with full permissions!
I am adamantly against offering any item with full permissions. This is how I make my livelihood, and asking me to give up a piece of my heart and my time and every possibility of making profit from it is going to result in a very enthusiastic no. However, I'm more open to a commission for a similar item, in which case see #1.
If you haven't found your answer here, feel free to send me an email at, or send me an IM in world!

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