Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I felt like foodling a bit and changed the header! Didja notice? Ain't it perdy?

I've been popping on a bit more, recently, the new Muse sim owned by the luscious Caliah Lyon opened and I got my butt over there since I remembered that, oh wait, she was going to give me a spot, and wouldn't it be nice if I was actually there. So I set up shop there. I've actually been opening a bunch of new stores... ok, three, but that's a bunch to me. I now have store locations at Muse, Le Zoo, and Glamworld.

I was thinking of doing something a bit fun with my location at Le Zoo, inspired by the hyperactive Ms Haver Cole, who was beyond jumping up and down happy to find out I have so many creature masks in my inventory. I don't actually have most of them out, since almost all of them were special commissions from Vanessa (whom I miss like Disco Stu misses the 70's), and they really don't sell very well. But, what the hell, people who are at Le Zoo surely must love animals, so I figure I'll take some snappies of the better masks, box em up and put them out as Le Zoo exclusives. Just a preview for the future :)

I've also come to a sad realization that I'm going to stop accepting commissions. It seems like everyone does that at some point, when a creator just realizes that with the time they have, they'd rather be making something they truly love that comes from their own brain. I reached that point a while ago, but didn't actually want to officially announce it, since some people give me some seriously awesome ideas in the forms of commissions. The coque feather coat was a random idea thrown at me, and today someone suggested an executioner's cowl. I realized recently that what I really wanted wasn't commissions, it was suggestions, so that I could pick and choose and morph them as I pleased. I hope you guys don't get too sad by this news, if you had hopes of a custom made mask, since I still will definitely be taking suggestions and as always I'll do small alterations and especially different colors on request.

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