Sunday, December 9, 2007

EFA Design Awards Submission!

There's currently a contest being done by the Ewing Fashion Agency and for us designers! And I was considering not submitting something, since I've been busy IRL, but I found myself inspired the other day and decided to make a hat for the Coque Feather Coat!

It's available in the main store, but since the judgment of the pieces is sales based and tallied on Onrez, it's a special vendor which didn't allow me to offer my usual option of copy or transfer. Don't worry, on January 15th when the voting period ends, I'll release the hat in my normal vendor with more options for colors to match the colored coats that I'm still working on. Just so you know, currently the hold up is that colors and white don't cover the multitude of "seam sins" that black does, so I have to be even more meticulous. I now know why Nicky Ree never does jacket layers! But anyhoo, if you buy them I get a prize XD


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note, You can gift the hat if you buy it on the OnRez site and select the gift option and type in the recipetant's name!

Oberon said...

.....i like it.