Friday, December 14, 2007

There do come times where I realize that I'm on Second Life a very large percentage of my life, and that I have some weekends to catch up on! So I've been avoiding SL, answering IM's through email and in general taking a bit to clean up the apartment, do some dishes, fill the pantry and decorate for Christmas. Aaaaah the pause that refreshes. I've also been recharging the Siyumachine and taking some time for myself, so that there will/can be some new releases right before the 25th. I've also been toying with a holiday party, but currently my RL plans are too fluid to be able to solidly set a date! Would a New Years Eve party on the 29th or something be too early? Or too late for a holiday party? Oh why am I asking, I know you guys probably just want a party XD Whatever I do throw I hope will be a bit more informal, just festive and full of egg nog.

Leave a comment if you have an opinion about the party idea thinger :)

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