Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wow... the coat has been having a very warm welcome over the past couple of days!! I've been feeling encouraged to make some modifications to it and maybe make some other, similar coats, especially for the season coming up... The largest clamoring for me has been to release the coat in the same colors as the wings (or at the very very least, white). There have also been consistent clamorings from at least one source (you know who you are -.^) for me to put out my elf ears with jewelry, but if I did that they'd only be in silver. Unless you were role playing elfin Mr T. I pidy da Orc!

I've been getting into the season now that it's officially shopping time for Christmas, and everyone's releasing santa hats was getting contagious... plus to add on to it Munchflower did it again. She HAD to ask me to make a hat for her holiday skins and suddenly... well I got carried away. I made a christmas hat and coat, and jewelry, but I'm going to tease you and not release it quite yet. I'm making matching jewelry and doing colors based on her skins, so I have to make sure everything's ready before I go and release anything not perfect. You can expect them within the next two days though. The reason I'm even mentioning it, is that I made myself a desktop image for myself, and wanted to share it with you guys. Not sure if you have a Second Life desktop image yet, and I know it's always more personal when it's your own avatar, but this one's awfully pretty! It looks best on a 1440X900 resolution, or at least the same ratio, worth a try anyway!

So here, take it if you'd like it, and greetin's of the season to ya!

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