Thursday, November 1, 2007

Let me just say one thing about the month of October....


I never realized when I started making masks and costume accessories that suddenly October would be such an awesome month for me. I've always loved Halloween, and I've always gotten excited for it as you can imagine. But SL Halloween snuck up on me, big time, and actually caught me at a bad time creating wise. Nevertheless, thanks to Second Style, Daphne and Tamara, suddenly Illusions became a Halloween mecca for all of the masquerade and costume parties springing up everywhere. Despite the fact that I never got the skull stuff out (sorry ^^;), and my last minute completion of large multi-month projects had absolutely nothing to do with Halloween specifically, you guys still chose my store and for that I really want to say thank you. I've been loving seeing the amazing pictures of your costumes on Flickr, and some costumes so distinctive that they've been springing up everywhere in people's streams. (*coughkhamudycough*)

Next year I'm definitely going to be more prepared, in fact, now I feel a bit like Halloweentown in Nightmare Before Christmas, because I'll be counting the days down 'till the next one! And drawing up charts with evil kitties on them and singing songs written by Danny Elfman. Wait, that's nothing new.

But yeah, next year I'll have an idea of what to expect, just so you guys know, I just experienced Christmas 2 months early!

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Anonymous said...

If you're going to be Jack, can I be Sally? XD

Next time you need makey juice, I'll just break out into song. That's what they always did in the Nightmare Before Christmas, at least, and it seemed to work!