Thursday, November 15, 2007

Windlight Fever

The big to-do over here on Second Life has been WINDLIGHT! A company acquired by Linden Labs that was devoted to working on a more beautiful environment and realistic lighting has now had its technology integrated into another client (the Second Life program). It really is beautiful, but rather buggy. I crash often, and the water keeps dissapearing, but it's worth it.

The Indigo Rose definitely looks its best with a blazing pirate sunrise. In this viewer, you can even create your own environment settings and play with any spectrum of color you want. And I, being who I am, made myself my own dream world with my own damn colors. Er, color.

I'm so predictable sometimes.

In other news, with some of the sadness that's been permeating the grid (and myself to a degree) at the loss of a crucial member of the most talented fashion house on the grid, my creative mojo took a plane out to Seattle or something and I've been hooked on playing mahjong and Oblivion until it comes back from vacation.

My fiance also has just suffered a loss of his own computer, the hard drive died or some other odd illness, so I will probably be on less as I share my system for about two weeks. It's a great excuse for me to get the apartment clean, as it's been falling into a sad dusty state while I've worked hard to get masks, ears, wings etc out. Things need to be organized and thrown out, and it'll be really nice to get the apartment ready for company. I'll be back after Thanksgiving full swing for Christmas stuff... whatever that ends up being.

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