Monday, November 19, 2007

Ok so I feel a little silly, I thought Thanksgiving was next week, rather than this Thursday! So even some of us Americans aren't sure about when it is, haha. So unhappily for my apartment, it won't get that clean, but happily for you I'll still be hanging around SL.

Yesterday's pajama party was an absolute blast, and actually felt like an honest to goodness sleep-over. Even though I was having too much fun to do much organizing, I still did some and managed to swap away a lot of stuff and get some fun new things (bunny slippers ftw!).

We pulled out some games and played scrabble (and had chess as an option, but everyone was afraid to take on the champion).

We had a pillow fight and played "Truth or Truth" (since dares lose a lot of their potency in SL), and were ceremoniously mischievous with the first one to fall asleep:

(there's a person under there)

I made a kick ass blanket fort, which Candy professed she wanted to live in, and Selos demanded I make a bunch of tents. I think I'll leave it up for a bit because it actually makes you feel like a silly big kid, and even if it's not night like you're at a sleepover.

I just want to say thank you for everyone who came, you guys made it a total blast, and really made me want to have another one really soon XD I wasn't ready for it to end!

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