Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Over here in America we like to celebrate a coming together of family and friends and the fall harvest, by gobbling down a gobbler and sleeping. American football is sometimes involved as well, but what it means to me is the arrival of the Christmas season, and a new computer for my fiance. So I no longer need to share mine, and I can get back to being on SL regularly! (If you were wondering, that is why I haven't been posting). I'm extremely grateful for so many things in my first life and my second, and in this case I can actually say thank you, to you folks reading this especially. By buying my items you're allowing me to keep doing what I love, stay in my apartment, eat, and continue making art for you. Without you, I wouldn't be here, and I'd probably be working at a local restaurant trying to make it on tips and wondering what I was doing with my life. So have a free pilgrim's hat :D (you can get it out of the notice from the 25th)

Someone brought up in group recently that the skull pieces still haven't been released. Obviously I know, and I've been thinking about how to handle them. Currently the big hold up is that I have done the sculpts, tweaked them, done most of the texture work, and then got completely and utterly hung up on one, stupid little seam. It's glaringly obvious to me, when I look at it, and it's been driving me utterly insane when I try to work on the skull that the texture just doesn't wrap properly at all. After spending hours on it, my drive got squelched by my desire to work on other things, and the skulls just got left behind. When I'm in the mood to be productive, I'm rarely in the mood to tackle that rat's nest of frustration.

What I have been working on is a fall inspired treat, that is unlike anything I've ever tried before. Based on my experience with it, it might herald more like it, but don't get your hopes too high up.

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