Friday, May 4, 2007

A Time for Cleaning House

I realized that there wasn't a single design in my SLExchange and SLBoutique boxes that was younger than five months old. WELL that was just unacceptable! So I reviewed my masks, checked 'em out, and put out most of the ones I find are the best sellers in world. SLExchange is officially taken care of, with even a featured item listing for the black cygnus mask! Browse while you're at work or something. I definitely won't say, or try to say, that I'll be able to keep it up or that I'll include everything I sell on the online markets, but I am trying to do better.

I'm giving you guys a warning, that I'm really considering wiping clean the slate on masks made before my shop in Plio. Yeah, that means the old, OLD ones, back when I first started out on Limbo. But considering that the Illustrious Venetian Mask has become something of an icon for Illusions, I'm not sure if I should discount them, make them 1L freebies, make them public domain freebies, or discontinue them. What do you guys think? I'm definitely in the mood to clean up, and get the old ones out of the vendor 'cause they're takin' up space!

Also, doing a casting call on male shapes. I'm looking for relatively average transferable shapes for random fittings for the... *looks back and forth* Osiris Silks. So if you volunteer your shape, chances are there'll be something especially modded just for you for free :)

Anubis Update: Sold Out! That's right, all ten have been sold, and heavens bless those that did end up with it, because they just paid my heating and electricity bills. WOO! And to those that missed their chance... don't worry, I have more a'comin' ;)

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Anonymous said...

hi me in world, I think I can hook you up with a male shape or 2 :)- Polly Pavlova