Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Feline Groovy

I've been a bit busy tending to things in the real world, as sometimes happens, and so since I don't have any new releases, I'd like to show my latest fun thing...

After Bast, I've been feline groovy. After a chance encounter shopping around Japanese sims, I met the delicious Selos Dae, who just happens to make the most unique skins I've seen in a while...

She happens to own the burgeoning little store that goes by the name of "TRAP" that's found on the Deviant Kitties sim. She has a rather small selection, currently just this Neko skin, its male counterpart, and the Elven series of male skins. They all come in fun, wild shades as well as more subtle versions, but the colors are anything but natural. The male skins are also surprisingly unisex, as Selos is one of the very few skin makers I've found who believes in quite a different ideal of male beauty. You'll find no overdone six packs and chiseled pecs here.

As you can see, these elven skins certainly come in a rainbow of color! And have some super sexy well defined collar bones, with dramatic and yummy man shading. Her skins, as I've said, are very unique, and she has a way of making the shading on the face super dark and then very light in some areas, which definitely makes certain features pop (the EYES!) and give a perfectly normal looking avi a subhuman twist.

I ALSO wanted to blog Hybrid's simply monumental sale. For people who haven't heard, Hybrid's creator Philo Sion set all of her inventory at half price on Monday, including a raffle for one lucky winner to get the entire contents of the store. The sale was to benefit her good friend's 27 year old boyfriend who had a stroke. The sale is over now, but some accessories are still discounted and there's still a collection box for those who want to help. Hybrid is THE Neko store, and the store for those who walk the line between human and furry. I can't say normally I'd shop there, but their ears are really cute, (as you can see from the first picture). The ears are even controlled by HUD, as is the tail! (see it twitching up there?) so that even if you aren't into the Neko culture, it's still a super fun toy. My absolute favorite find from there though, is something absolutely fabulous which I think will bring a smile to all but the coldest of hearts...

A PET PEEVE. That's right, this little guy is a pet peeve, because everyone has one. This little mosquito-like critter sits on your shoulder, and doesn't do squat except be the virtual material symbol for an ingrown and universal trait of humanity. And no, he doesn't suck your blood. He's meant to be your pet more than your peeve. He's only 75L at Hybrid, and believe me, he's a steal just for cuteness factor.

I can't sign off without saying something really quick about my HAIR! Yes, I bet you were looking at it and going "ooo that totally goes with Nekoness..." because it does. It comes from the funky and unique "Electro Kitty" store found in the Ikebukuro sim run by Elec Tone. She only carries two different hairstyles, but they're both absolutely delicious and you simply have to get both to encourage her to make more.

SLurl:"TRAP Skins"
SLurl:"**Hybrid** Street"
SLurl:"Elektro Kitty"

Tattoos by Bare Rose: "Chakra Bonji"
Corset Top by DE Designs: "Somber"
Pants by Curious Kitties: "Nayan" in Black and White
Hair by Elektro Kitty: "Darling" 100L per color
Skin by TRAP: "Neko Purple 2 Female" 700L per color
Shoulder Pet by Hybrid: "Pet Peeve" 75L
Ears and Tail by Hybrid: "Neko Starter Set" 550L
Eyes by Hybrid: "Cat Eyes" 95L for all colors!

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