Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pimp My Mask!

I was working on marketing myself today, sent out fashion show packages, a couple of review packages, and spreading the word about the Illusions group on Flickr. Admittedly there are only 4 people in it as I write this, but there SHALL BE MORE! For I scoured the metaverse and tracked down a few folks that used my stoof in their piccies, and begged em to put them up in mah group :) So far I'm the only business that has a stream like this, but it's really nifty! I'm pretty sure it'll become a trend... So I totally ripped off Linden Lifestyles and tucked a fan-based photostream into my blog... that's right, it's now YOUR pictures. So yes, I was pimpin' mahself out.

All of this busy bodying made me realize that there are some business owners with lovely products who just have no clue how to put their stuff out into the world. I might add my own perspectives into the marketing advice that's out there, make a notecard thingie or some such :)

I've hired the talented Zeal Zenith who will be providing some animations for some top secret Siyu projects! Ok...maybe not soooo secret... Let's just say one of them is victorian, and Caledon lovers will just adore them, and the other is an alternative to the core of my store that's been a long time coming...

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