Monday, May 7, 2007


I promised there'd be more! And who would I be to go back on a promise?

I proudly present to you Bast:

The Egyptian cat goddess Bast, known as the "perfumed protector", and if I wanted to be bad I'd say "purrfumed", oops! it slipped! She was considered a divine mother and a protectress, as cats were the guardians of Egyptian families. Wings, in Egyptian mythology symbolize protection and guardianship, and so the sun disk on Bast's diadem is framed in golden wings. She was also a sun goddess and a goddess of the sky, and so the carnelian sun disk stands for her position as "Lady of the Flame".

She is exactly 254 prims, the amount that is maximum to be linked, because I'm a nut and those little jewelry bits were irresistable. She is the second of my Egyptian Limited Editions (Anubis being the first), and she too will be 5000L each with only ten sold, available only through IM to me. Again, first come first serve ^.^ I'll also be including the Egyptian Emperor's Collar, a black marble display head, and everything comes in a statue of the cat goddess in her more domestic form. The Anubis sold out in less than a week, so don't put it off! You only get one chance to make her yours, and to become the Protector Goddess of Egypt.

Edit: Bast has now been sold out

I've also added a couple of new earrings to the Egyptian Collection, and both the Bast and Anubis masks will be on display in the pavilion :)

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