Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Touch of the Exotic... or an Uppercut of it!

Please congratulate Analise Lameth and Talyn Barrett on their grand opening of a new store on the Talana sim! They have muuuch more room to spread out and truly spread their wings, and their reputation as being THE supplier of silks for those of the Gorean inclination, or just people who think that their avatars look too warm. I've never bought anything from them before, as sometimes color selection wasn't possible for certain sets, and I didn't really want scripted silks (they are scripted to be easily removed on touch... not something I really need), but I've always admired her work, and her FashCon notice lured me in with its siren song...

There are freebie outfits and a freebie box ONLY available today, the 24th of April. And yes, all of these silks and dresses come in a a beautiful variance of color, which you won't find here since I'm black's bitch.

Their new store is remarkable, with a definite Morocco meets Agrabah feeling, with middle eastern arches and gold edging everywhere, and of course fun filials. They've neatly organized their wares by free woman fashions, weddings, party wear and of course... Silks, what Analise makes their bread and butter on. And it shows, since the silks have been set in the place of honor in a palatial and refreshingly different store.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Meela Silks, because of course I am such a sucker for black and white/black and silver, and even though I didn't quite like the chains from the bodice part, I died for the skirt.

There are some little problems, like the flexi seems a little stiff (understandable, to hold a certain shape) and the bottom alpha has just a little bit of a rim, which is easily fixed since all outfits are Copy, Mod, No Transfer, my absolute favorite permissions ^.^ I am a very, very hard person to please when it comes to details and hand drawing on clothing, so even though the mesh stretches the texture at certain points on the bodice, I still can say it's by far the best you're going to get for those who adore exotic styles.

Something else Analise isn't as famous for, is its "Free Woman" styles, based off of the Gorean class of women who cover their bodies with luscious dresses and veils for modesty. And I have to say honestly, this dress is a dream come true for me:

Please say hello to the Radiance dress. I am ADORING this bodice, with it's graceful, swooping neckline which is all too rare on SL, and its modest yet flattering amount of cleavage. I'm a sucker for bell sleeves and full skirts, and really I have been dreaming of this dress. The hand detailing on this bodice is subtle, yet painstakingly worked over in delicate beadwork, and by far worthy of some of the much bigger names in formal wear, in fact, I'd say this dress was on a par with Last Call or even Pixeldolls as far as detail. Although, if I wanted to talk about detail, I should mention the Yvie dress and just say it needs to be seen to be believed.

Also what needs to be said, is that Talyn Barrett has officially created the BEST Princess Leia interpretation silks on Second Life. It's been needed by us Femme Star Wars fans, and it has been delivered. I sent her an IM congratulating her, and sent her home with a little present:

If you want to see them, you'll have to go!

"Meela" Silks - 600L
"Radiance Gown" - 500L
"Lucy" Hair by Kin Keiko - 100L
"Embraced" Shoes by Prim Seduction - 300L
"Suleika" Headdress by Yours Truly


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