Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm back on SL!

Unfortunately it wasn't Thursday, but it IS today! So custom masks and blog posts will once again come in abundance. Problem is, I won't be able to serve my photography customers yet since my dad neglected to bring all of our data with him, and I can't even express how happy that made me -.- That also goes for parties, since my DJ equipment and of course all of my music is on the other hard disk. Good news is, I'm downloading Photoshop right now :)

So now Siyu will be able to return in a literal blaze of glory thanks to Nicky Ree's new "Dynamic League " outfits!Needless to say, I LOVE THESE THINGS. It was a niche market that was just waiting so patiently for a good quality signature outfit. It has flawless layering, so you can have whatever colors you like, and even has the option of a pack of letters for your chest. I chose S for Super Siyu. And then I promptly made myself a Hero mask...

...because I'm a dork.Also comes in a suitably butch and bad-ass male version, and since I wasn't enamored of the boots, I used one of the aforementioned "bases" from Legend to give my nifty "sock" layer a boost. Each set is 980L, so having a fun-time-happy-comic-fan shopping spree hit my wallet pretty hard, but I'm having enough fun that I have no regrets. The detailing and hand drawn work has a soft, spandexy feel without looking painful and vinyly. I feel rather comfortable because it was obviously made to make Edna Mode happy, (and breath like egyptian cotton yet be completely bullet proof) and now I can run around and be... The MASK MAKER.

Nicky Ree's Dynamic League (female) set in black, white, and purple.
Kin- "Kaoru" Hair in black-and-purple

SLurl: "Nicky Ree Designs"

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