Thursday, April 5, 2007

Dead Computer Update

Well, the computer with internet access wish has been granted to our patient heroine, the computer with Second Life access has not. And I shall share with you that I am getting VERY antsy and I am absolutely sure at this point that I have a severe addiction. The Linden Lifestyles Venetian Masquerade Ball is a VERY VERY short 23 days away, and I know there must be at least 30 beautiful shopping obsessed fashionistas that simply must have perfectly coordinated masks to go with their painstakingly tasteful gowns and WHO ELSE ARE THEY GOING TO CALL!? I swear, my computer must have teamed up with Chimeric Designs or something to bring about my downfall. EEEEK. Well, because of my loyal following, the fact that my masks are still the best by far, and I'm the only one who makes custom masks, I am not worried. Just horrifically impatient, antsy, frustrated, and bouncing on my toes with my head full of designs, ideas, and creative frustration. I'm getting the creative equivalent of "blue balls", in fact, today I beat my personal best Scrabble score with 360 points for a game total. And I've been making sculptures out of Starbursts.

For an estimate on time... I'm going to say Tuesday, which is tragic considering that means most likely no party. ACK I'VE BEEN SL'LESS for TWO WEEKS.

Please... Second Life... come back to me soon. I need you. I admit it, I... I love you.

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