Saturday, April 28, 2007

Along Came Polly

Polly Pavlova gets the "Encouraging a Fledgling Blogger" award, for merits I shall try to express. Dear Polly, when I made random comment in Linden Lifestyles saying her current release didn't seem formal, she IM'd me asking for my opinion and my advice! I'm happy to say I was able to give her some advice that she used in her fairy tale confection, "Fairy Tale Fantasy", and that was when I told her I was starting a blog. Well, when release day came around she sent me a review package, and so she's become the first designer ever to send me something specifically for review. Bless her little designer heart, she even sent me a black one.

As you can see, it's similar to wearing an enormous yummy cupcake. The dress comes in a variety of pastel colors as well as black such as in lavender (shown), mint, pink, and baby blue. While her other dress might not have felt formal to me, this one does despite the pastels, and I feel as if I am either going to a prom in the 1800's or I should be living in a white shining castle waiting for a man to come sweep me off my feet! Speaking of sweeping... I have to say, something I wasn't expecting from this dress was the best flexi movement I've ever seen. It definitely could be because the flexi starts lower and doesn't need to extend all the way from the hip (due to all the swags and bustles),but it gently swishes. I feel like I am gently dusting the floor as I walk, not drowning in an octopus or tripping over a jelly fish or even acting as a flagpole, which is what a lot of flexi dresses end up as. I wish I could capture it in a picture, but it's so subtle as to be just like a real dress... and aside from Marilyn Monroe, real dresses are very unlikely to be caught moving. The only thing that keeps it from being absolutely perfect, is that as I move I can see the flexi from the front trying to escape out the back, but a little tweaking of tension and gravity fixed that.

For the detailing... I have to admit it doesn't live up to my insanely high bar for hand drawn clothing, but I can say safely it does live up to many others' idea of well textured clothing. The texture on the bodice is crisp and high resolution, and while one of the seams is crooked on the side, it's very unnoticeable with the arm poof. In fact, to check I had to shuffle through my animations to find one where I had my arms over my head. But most ladies at Cinderella's Ball don't exactly put their hands in the air, and wave them like they just don't care. The prim work on the skirt and bow and poofs is precise, even and symmetrical. A lot of care was taken on making the prim pieces even and well made, and the same color as the bodice even if it's not the same texture (difficult). I wouldn't suggest wearing this dress to a very crowded formal, as it adds up to 128 prims!

But you know, this dress has been languishing for a while in my inventory. Why now did I decide to review it? Because Polly, in her infinite patience, quietly dropped another review package on me. And these... I had to blog. And NOW. This is the "Spring Fling" Collection from "Drifting Sands", Polly's jewelry store.

As you can see, it is QUITE springy and QUITE flingy and the most delightful and delicious thing to wear with a sundress! The colors and textures are lovely, with larger than life brilliant colors that are quite vibrant, rather than dulled down like most natural-themed jewelry. The set comes in 8 variations of color, and the whole set is only 175! Not 175 per piece, but 175 for the whole set! Polly definitely shows her strength in prim work, as these are meticulously made with many layers and details in the flowers, with easy to position root prims. The Spring Fling set has a hair ornament, a bracelet, necklace and an ankle ornament, as you can see, as well as two FREEBIES!! Yes, FREEBIES!

The Freebies are the same as the hair ornament, except they come in two colors, the "Evening Medley" (shown) which has quite vibrant rich yellow, purple and red flowers, and the "Morning Medley" which comes in a softer bunch of pastel blue, white and soft pink. Even if you don't fancy spending the money (I don't see how, but there are all sorts of folk out there), definitely swing by if just for these beautiful hair flowers!!

SLurl:"The Body Politik" (@ "By Max")

Fairy Tale Fantasy Dress - 750L

SLurl:"Drifting Sands" Jewelry

Spring Fling Set - 175L (Purple Sunrise and Blue Hope shown)
Spring Fling Freebie - 1L each (Evening Medley Shown)

Also worn: HCT "Belinda" Hair in Black, Kin "Lucy" hair in Black, Nicky Ree's "Spring Fling" gown top in Black, Lassitude and Ennui Signature Sandals in Black and Silver, Nomine's China White Skin, Starley's Vogue Skin in Pure

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