Friday, September 4, 2009

So many busy things that can't be talked about lest I jinx them! If you're wondering when you're going to see the gorgeousness I teased at in my last post, you're going to have to wait until Jewelry Fair :)

As I always do, I'm working on completely new jewelry for the fair, and the roses are part of it. I'm also working on a few other things, all within the theme of the Secret Garden.

But since its been so darn long since I just worked on something and then put it out (curse you, monstrously huge projects!) I wanted to get something relatively simple done. And then of course, the simple things are never that simple. But, I've finished a festive bit of fun, (which I'm very happy with), called the Diamonte.

Omgosh it has proper eye holes! This is a rather evolved experiment (from many other scrapped ones) in creating a mask with two torii for eyes (yeah yeah technical talk blah blah). As a result, it fits many more faces and has crisper edges around the eyes, as well as more flexibility for eye shapes. For the next masks I do, you can sort of expect me playing around with how to make three or more prims all look like one solid mask.

The eyes, forehead and trim are all changeable on touch independantly, so that if you'd like to have a solid red mask you most certainly can, but you can also play with combinations. I've added a nice new metal to the trims as well, a warm bronze texture (from a Zbrush matcap... gawjuss!). That's another thing you might see more of soon :)~

I hope to get a few other, smaller projects out before Jewelry Fair (opening the 18th!) but if not, I'm not dead, I'm just pining for the fjords.

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Candy Flanagan said...

Oooh, great work on the eye holes. :D