Friday, September 18, 2009

Jewelry Fair Opens!

Jewelry Fair officially opens today! So everyone can see my hard work, on both the build and my jewelry. I'm going to be spammy and do two posts though.

I built the damn thing, so I'm rather proud of how I've managed to keep everything as simple as possible, yet as pretty as I could. No sculpts were used throughout, everything is the most primitive shapes, and the same 10 textures were used absolutely everywhere I could. The design is basically a labyrinth with one contiguous path that will lead you through all of the stalls, as well as event areas such as one of a kind auctions, the dunk tank, and the kissing booth. The auctions, dunk tank, select items, and everything that isn't going to a jeweler is all going to benefit Oxfam International.

To help people get around a bit easier, we divvied the maze into four seasons to help you find your favorite jewelers easier. There's a map and a list of who's where at the Jeweler's of SL blog.

My booth is Winter 15, which is pretty easy to find since I stuck it right by one of the Slurls. Hey, I'm not getting paid for this, so I deserve a perk :)~

So head on over, grab the freebie (which I should have described in the post above this one), and have fun!

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