Friday, September 18, 2009

Jewelry Fair Releases 2009

Both RL and my obligations to the Jewelry Fair itself have been interfering incredibly with my production, and so I'm very sorry to say I didn't get everything done that I had hoped. I really thought and hoped that I would be able to get my roses done and out and completed but there's just too far to go with them for me to be able to get them out tonight. I'm going away for the weekend, but when I get back I am going to do my best to get them out during the fair.

Despite my delays, I have some other treats I'm incredibly excited to share. Everything is currently only available there, but it will all be out in the main store come the 27th, with the exception of the freebie (which you don't want to miss).

First off: something simple, which Vasean Talamasca suggested to me and I realized was a fantastic idea. He wanted a simple cord, no more than a string, wrapped around his neck. After torturing an oblong sculpt for a few hours, I had the absolute perfect piece of casual jewelry! Just one prim, you can wear it with absolutely any outfit. Grunge, goth, punk, trendy, couture, I couldn't think of a single outfit that it couldn't go with. Which is why, of course, I had to make bracelets and arm cuffs!

At one prim, this is the sort of thing you actually could wear to the fair, if your skin just seems too bare without your baubles. They're not available separately, you get all in one for 175L. They're texture change, even though I love the black, so you can add a bit of color in my usual range of 12. They're unisex too, obviously, since they were made from a guy's suggestion, and come in small and large sizes.

That's relatively simple though... and after everything I've learned in just a year from my middle eastern jewelry I wanted to take another crack at something incredibly delicate and ornate. A year ago, I didn't have oblongs, and most of my metal textures were the same across everything. Well.. I went nuts, and have created something that is both intricately detailed and dramatic.

Orinthia truly needs a closer look to see everything that has gone into it. Delicate leaves encircle a luminous stone, with chains trailing from elegant filigree. In keeping with the Secret Garden theme of the jewelry fair, leaves hang from the center and the sides, framing and accenting the pendant. Instead of simple earrings, which didn't seem quite enough for a pendant like this, I opted for full ear cuffs. Paired with an updo, the effect is unique yet timeless.

I'm not done yet though.

This has to be one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I've ever made, if not the favorite. One of the problems with bracelets in SL is that they can just disappear on the wrist. A simple tennis bracelet can be so perfect while you're setting up an outfit, but as soon as you zoom out, you can forget it's ever there. Well, I dare you to miss this on your wrist! This one really makes a statement. And I think it goes along the lines of "hot damn I love jewelry".

Rings have a similar problem to bracelets, if not much worse, in that the hands are so far from a focus that rings, unless they have sentimental value, are an easy accessory to forget in SL. That's when sometimes bigger really is better. This isn't enormous or unwieldy (why would I do that?) but I have to say it's eye catching, especially when paired with the bracelet.

Lastly, a simple chain arm band, which I think is a nice accent when you have statement pieces everywhere else. Delicate and feminine, it dangles down the arm and adds a sense of unity to the set.

Currently only available at the fair, if you miss out don't worry, it'll be in the store on the 27th. However, this won't.
Available for free at my booth! It's a simple reverse teardrop necklace called Aurelie, and it's scripted with the same stones and metals as Orinthia and should serve as a perfect test drive to my new textures. Plus, its a darn flexible and nifty bit of casual jewelry. I found myself wearing this one around almost as often as the cord necklace (damn it they're both so versatile!). SO HEAD OVER TO MY BOOTH ALREADY!

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