Monday, August 17, 2009

I've volunteered to do the build for the upcoming jewelry fair, which has me a bit preoccupied and sadly distracted from making a few things I had in the works. If anyone is wondering, I'm doing my best to keep things simple and minimalist while still as pretty as possible with as few textures as possible. It's a challenge but its sort of fun to be working with normal prims again!

I have a few things up in the air, I feel a bit bad about being so vague for so long but when I've been open about what I had in the works I've felt pressured. I still remember my teasing riddles for my antlers ending up being about six months early. That was embarrassing...

But I'd like to think it's pretty safe to offer a teaser when I've reached the point where a release is inevitable, even if it takes some time to get the pieces together. And I think I've just about reached that point with one of my projects that's been a while in the making:

Coming soon, my roses will be back :) Hopefully just barely in time to still be in summer! They're better than ever, and I am very proud of them so far. I just have to figure out creative ways for you to stick them all over your body now.

Another piece of news is that I'll be somewhat kidnapped for about three weeks. I've been called upon for federal jury duty starting later this month and that will definitely curtail my creating time and motivation. It's not like the releases have been pouring out of me lately or anything, but its just a heads up.

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