Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ceci N'est Pas Un Chapeau

Goodness, what's this, a release?

Haha yes, I can only keep up the work on my sim for so long before my attention needs to wander to other things. The St Patty's Paddy's Day freebie got me majorly going on a bunch of gentleman's hattage, and after I felt so clever with how I made the top hat, I decided to make a hat I've been asked to do for ages.

A bowler hat has a lot of flexibility. It can be stiff and stodgy or it can be evocative of gangsters and violin cases. Or it get be quirky and funky or whatever you need it to be.

Anyone not familiar with Rene Magritte probably won't get this reference, or the title of this entry. But the whimsy of it all was irresistable to me. This vendor picture is a little homage to one of his most iconic paintings, The Son of Man. In fact, since the apple is merely a retextured version of Qarl's full perm apple, it's included with the bowler :)~

Both of these are scripted to change texture to thirty different hat bands and twelve different felt colors. There are three different band patterns to choose from (solids, checkers and vertical stripes), with nine colors for each of the patterns and twelve colors of solid bands. Hopefully that's enough for all you crazy individualists out there!

Sadly, there's an issue that I'm aware of with the pattern bands. Due to the way the texture has been made, with lots of vertical stripes making up the ribbon, Second Life has some trouble rendering those patterns properly without an option called "Anisotropic Filtering" enabled. I went through quite a few uploads and shaking my fists and ripping my hair out trying to figure out what was going wrong and ways to counter it, and I realized I couldn't fix it for everyone without sacrificing the look and the feel of it. I'm sorry if it turns out your computer can't handle it, but there are still twelve solid bands that look just fine to everyone and are just as snazzy, which is why I forgave myself for letting it go. Anisotropic filtering can be accessed through Preferences->Graphics->Hardware Settings.

These hats are just 115L each and available at the main store now :)

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