Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Odocoleinae Challenge

Apparently I inadvertently threw down the gauntlet with this quote:

I realized when I first put them on that the people able to wear these are few and far between. Me, Selos, and of course the incomparable Swirly Cyclone can all pull these off but... who else on the grid could be fabulous enough to wear these?

Terry Toland especially was eager to make me eat my words, and so she illustrated her Tale of the White Stag with my antlers. Winter Jefferson as well wanted to show me what's what with a winter ensemble, and so I decided to go ahead and make it official.

I hearby issue an (official) challenge, in the form of a Flickr contest, for you guys to rock your Odocoleinae antlers and make me revise that list of fabulous persons! The winners will receive the limited edition version of the antlers, or a 1750L refund for those that have already purchased a copy.

Here are the rules:

Wear the antlers (obviouslay)
Rock them righteously (a given)
Post them in the *~*Illusions*~* Flickr Group
I'd say title them with the challenge, but honestly... it'll be sort of obvious.
Get them in by Wednesday, December 31st to be counted

I'll be judging on composition, artfulness, awesomeness of outfit, and general fabulousness. I'm not sure right now how many people I'll choose to be winners, I'd like to keep that open in case more than a few people wow me. I might also bestow yummy extras to anyone who can really make my jaw drop ;)

(and yes, I believe it's oh-doh-co-leh-nay :)~ )

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Terry Toland said...

w00t! Let the battle of the bucks begin! XD