Thursday, December 4, 2008

Face of Felinity

Sales have been down a little recently, ever since the Thanksgiving. I figure people are either out spending real money on real gifts, or out working so that they are able to afford those real gifts. But in any case, I felt I should probably release something just to serve the purpose of waving my arms and going "lookamee!"

I have a few pairs of Christmas oriented antlers planned, but in the meantime, I wanted to release something more independant of them. Now that I have a basic animal head model from the deer mask, it won't be too hard to make a few more animals. My attempt at a wolf failed (again, still working on it) but thanks to it being a very familiar face, I made a feline. A face very similar to the one staring at me willing me to feed it, right now.

A cat mask was actually one of the first masks I made, and funnily enough I made it in November, 2006. So it only seems fitting that on its anniversary, I release the new one.

I did nine different patterns of fur, my favorite being the tortoiseshell shown in the picture. It was so darn hard to get the speckly-ness all right but darn it I got it and it's cuuuute. Also included in its loverly scriptasticness, are black, white, gray, tuxedo, blue point Siamese, seal point Siamese, tabby (or as close to tabby as I could get), and orange marmalade.

I'll admit right now that the tabby probably doesn't look too much like a tabby. "But why on earth are you releasing it Siyu, being the perfectionist that you are?" I hear you asking.

Why, because it's so adorable!
Who could resist that faaace? Don't you want to give it all of your turkey leftovers?

So yeah, apparently even though tabbies are crazy common, I hope this one slips by.


someone somewhere said...

I LOVE it!

And I have a small hope that you make more animal masks like this! They remind me of Arthur Rackham illustrations, and I think they'd be delightfully strange and whimsical to traipse around in. :)

Wonderful wonderful work. As always. :)

Nef said...

Oooo those are lovely! I've read a bunch of books with his illustrations, but I haven't seen some of the more arboreal ones with the fairies.

Thanks Ruina :) I hope to make a few more too!

Kalel Mommsen said...

very well done. goona make neko avie pics now.. i'm out of turkey tho i have lots of ham..

Anonymous said...

Mousies! You need mousies! And bunnies and most of all donkeys! Eeee-Awww! ;)

Okay maybe I'll be quiet about the donkeys. I love the masks. They walk that line between Neko and Furry. Are you a fantastically fabulous cat-person or are you wearing a mask? Who can tell?

They're stunning. I always wanted a cat mask from you since the Bast one (the other wasn't so much me for all it was great for its time). Now I have one! HOORAY! Lovely work on the textures and the sculpties.

One thing I was wishing I could do was wear the ears separate, or take them off in the cases of when I'm wearing a hat. Though suppose I can just invisible the ears for those occassions.

I do love your animal masks. They're lovely.

Katey B, said...

You should have placed the M pattern on the forehead, then it would be a true tabby XD