Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two Years, Our Second Rezday

Yesterday was my and my dear friend Kriket's second rezday. We share our rezday and I see her quite like a SLister (tehe). I threw a party on the Indigo Rose, and shared some of the new music I have while I DJ'ed! Kriket and I asked everyone to dress up in purple or cyan, 'cause those are our respective favorite colors, and we danced away while sorting our inventories and making jokes about ham.

It's almost hard to believe I've been in SL for two years. Everyone says that, but it's true. Sometimes it feels like it's only been two years, and sometimes it feels like whoa two years O.o. While dancing, I pulled out some of the first things I ever made or bought... including the Mask That Started It All! Aquired October 27th, 2006, soon followed by my first ever mask that I made, marked November 3rd, 2006. Man... soon it'll be two years from my first mask! Wow, aren't I an oldbie! :)~

Anyway... I just am so very grateful I'm getting a chance to do what I love, full time. Being self employed on SL has its ups and downs, its problems and its benefits, and of course its hair yanking moments... but I'm very happy to be given the chance to be what I've wanted ever since I was a little girl. An artist.

Oh, and a beautiful Asian woman. Woot!