Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jewelry Exposition 2008

Yaaaaaaay! It's finally here, the second annual Jewelry Exposition hosted by my very good friend, Miriel Enfield. She's been through an awful lot of headaches to arrange as lag free and pleasant expo experience as possible, and so far, from what I've seen, wildly succeeded. So I just want to put a thank you to her, right at the top, for hosting it and organizing it again this year. Your hand is very evident as I move about the sim and things are taking only seconds to rez.

Originally, the expo folks had taken a vote on whether to do an Arabian Nights theme or a water theme, and water won. Apparently, not in my reality.

Remember this?

For ages I've had "remake sculpted, good veils without alpha flicker" on my to-do list. Especially remaking this Suleika veil, which, until I retired it, was my favorite and best selling veil. As lovely as it was, it just wasn't good enough to withstand my vicious scrutiny.

So the veil is back, and it brought matching accessories! A necklace, earrings, and arm cuffs can now go with the delicate tracery of chains. I end up having to keep answering "yes, they're prims!". The size may seem unreal, because I used a very diminutive chain link made by Miriel (yes, that Miriel, is my love for her obvious? I'm unashamed) which allows me to go even smaller than Aminom's lovely chains.

If you're noticing up top where it says that it's no transfer, don't worry, you still will have your options to get transfer/copy with the individual pieces, which are available underneath the main board. That picture up there is for the fatpack, and so like all of my fatpacks it's only mod/copiable. The different pieces you can get are the necklace and earrings (together), the veil, the headpiece or a pair of the arm cuffs.

It's scripted to change to six different metal textures, as well as twelve different stone and scarf colors. The scarf was a real struggle with me, I've never been comfortable with textures and I was scraping texture resources and stock photos looking for something I could use. In my venting my frustration, my lovely fiance offered to hand paint a texture for me. He had made banners for some of his friends and so he just modified it beautifully for me, and then I took care of the colors. So yay Siyu's man!

Anyway, Suleika wasn't the only thing to come from my head being stuck in a middle eastern fantasy. The first piece I did was actually just playing with sculpted pieces I had created in hopes of making headdresses. The results were surprising, and beautiful.

This sort of thing makes me happy. Danglies, tiny prims, little frilly bits, shiny things, all coming together to accent the beauty of your virtual expression of self. So this is why I made a few more, 'cause I can't help myself.

Now, already and just from wearing this around my circle of friends, I've had suggestions, requests, pleads and desperate supplications for me to make matching silks for these. I have to speak plainly that the likelihood of that happening right now is very low. I have quite a bit to do before Halloween and then I'll be simscaping Dreams Anubis's place, and then figuring out what I'm doing for the holiday season. So maybe if you're lucky good girls and boys, you'll have silks under the tree :)

Well, even if you're not necessarily going to be good, you'll still get a present at my stall. I've set out a remake of a design I first made three months after my rezday, which even then I didn't feel was good enough to put out in my humble little establishment. It's had a long hard road to freebiedom my friends, but finally it can be worn and enjoyed in its newfound sculpted glory.

(The pendant, I just took this with the veil as a nice excuse to be pretty). It's texture change like the other pieces, and can sort of serve as a demo for the stones and metals :)

Oh, yes, and about that. I've changed the textures for the metals, so there are new colors. The copper and gold aren't quite the same as my other jewelry and items, but obviously they're pretty close. I added a new color, rose gold, which looks beautiful with the red, and absolutely overflowing in estrogen with the pink scarf.

These items are only available at the Jewelry Exposition until the end of this week, when they'll be set out on the store wall :)


Terry Toland said...

Hey, nymphs n' 'maids can were veils, especially if they're from Siyu. ;)

Anonymous said...

These are so amazing. I went into a state of blabbering and drooling when I came to your booth at the expo, Siyu. I love, love headdresses.

I know the veil won't like my nose(s), but for these, I think I'll have to make a reduced-nose shape, if I can just decide which one to get.

Matching silks would indeed be very cool, and so would a belly/waist chain and anklets. For the days when one wants to wear nothing but jewellery. ;)

Terry Toland said...

On Freyja's lead, bring back the Isis silks. D: <3

Polly Pavlova said...

Absolutely fantastic - I've been speechless since I first saw these, honestly the pictures don't do them justice. Works of art!

Nef said...

Actually Freyja, I did my absolute best to make them very accommodating to noses. I had my friend Mourna in mind, who has a fabulously large nose. My guess is all you would have to do is move the veil out a little :) I made it so that it won't look like an enormous gap between your face and they veil wire if you needed to.

But this just goes to reinforce the need for demos, which I didn't have the time for last night as my head was dropping on to my keyboard :)~ I'll have demos up for them when they come to my store, as I don't have enough prims at the expo.

And thanks Green and Polly :) Hopefully I'll be able to bring back the Isis set when I get to the others! Five is a nice number.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Siyu. :) I had gone with a small nose at first (I decided it was time to make a mask/veil shape ;), but pulling the veil forward also works very well.

It really is incredibly well fitted to the shape of the avatar's head.