Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wingy Flingy Thingy

Wow, I just realized my last wing fling post was my 200th post on this blog! Nifty!

Well as promised, I released some new wingy thingies only available currently at my stall in Platinum. After the week is over they will be moved to the store, but until then you'll have to get there first. Lag has been really good though recently, so don't worry about having to swim!

If you're in a cuter mood and don't want to really express your angelic self through the big wings... how about cute little ones?

These attach to each shoulder, and each is individually texture changeable so that you can do alternating wings. My favorite is to do one in black and one in silver, it's always fun to show you're a little demon inside. Or maybe make it more obvious...
AAAAH CUTE LITTLE DEMON WINGS! You know you want some, for those wicked little days you feel like running around being mischievous but still fashionably adorable. People will get the idea that you're wicked, but without having to resort to enormous goth horns or huge torn wings. Personally, I love these and I have been flitting around all day with them. These can switch individually too, for folks who believe one color simply isn't enough.

"Chibi" is an Anime term, which very very briefly translated means cute, cartoony and small. And something else you'll find in anime culture or manga are... head wings!

These look awfully cute when matched with the wings, or maybe if you're feeling a bit of both you can wear the head wings with the shoulder wings! These, however, attach to only one point (rather than hogging those valuable head attachments) so the textures will change together. They look absolutely wonderful poking out from hats!

Another fun thing to do, is if you buy both the angel wings and the demon wings, attach one of each to your shoulders. They're both about the same size, and they look awfully cute together!

The shoulder wings are 115L, and the little head wings are just 95L, only at the stall in Platinum!

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