Sunday, April 13, 2008

Well, I just found out that Nomine's "aether" collection of skin tones is incomplete, eep! Munchflower had told me that the two sets, the male and female, were very similar tones to each other, and it certainly looked like that in the pictures but apparently I was mistaken! My aether ears currently only match Nomine's female skins, so over the next few days I'll be reworking the aether set of skin tones and updating the vendors, so that the men will be able to have matching ears too. Once they're done, send me an IM if you want the updated version, no charge.

The ears have been met with a very flattering enthusiasm, that eases that horrible tightness in my chest over taxes, rent, bills, insurance, heat etc, and helps me breath easier for a while. I still have financial catching up to do with the nasty hit I'm taking with sim tier, and I'm currently constructing an apartment building so I can open to residential renters.

Back to the ears though, I came up with a cunning plan! I have a new method of matching skin tones for extra accuracy for custom tones, and I had a few people ask for matches for Gala Phoenix's new skins. I realized I could do a cross promotional thing with more people than just Selos and Munch, and offer ear sets in different skin maker's skin tones! So far, Roslin Petion of Fleur has accepted my offer, so I've matched her Vivant, Shoujo, Drow and Parfait skin tones and I'll be putting my ears up in her store in the upcoming week. So far I haven't decided just how many skin artists I'll be choosing, but I certainly do have to be picky or else I have a Herculean task on my hands and I'd never have any time for any more masks or anything for that matter!

Speaking of, I have a lot of random stuff I just haven't released. Hmm... I should fix that! Be prepared for a very "mixed" release. I had plans to make some sort of theme, a few items that had some sort of common trait... but forget it, if I do that I'll never release them.


Terry Toland said...

It could be your 'May Madness Mix-Up'. I think that would be a good theme. ;)

Polly Pavlova said...

What about offering a tintable version?

Nef said...

They're all tintable :D They're all mod and I tried to slip a plain white one into the "non-matched" skin tone sets (aka, the Nomine aethers and the TRAP ones don't have a plain white one). But since the tinted ones look so inferior when light hits them at all it's worth the effort to me :D

@ Green Hahaahaha true, "the grab bag!" Just go wild and throw everything out onto the walls